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Large Bone Anthropometer

Large Bone Anthropometer

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An instrument for measuring large trunk bone breadths, namely shoulders, hips, and thoracic widths, this iodized aluminum tool uses the sliding-branch principle to allow a closer contact between fingers and bone breadths. To aid visualization this tool has a window with contrasting white numbers on a dark background and a yellow indicator line. It has two 10cm silver-colored movable guides to aid in measuring anterior-posterior chest breadth, and one of its branches has an Allen-type screw to allow calibration. Included is the Allen wrench. Resolution to 1.0mm.

Holway equipment is top-of-the-line anthropometry equipment designed by certified ISAK III instructor Francis Holway.  The Holway large bone anthropometer is a durable and high quality solution for chest depth and shoulder width body measurements. 

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  • ALUMINUM BODY CONSTRUCTION makes this anthropometer both lightweight and durable with a smooth slide. 
  • DUAL POSITION, one for the straight arms for shoulder width measurement, the the other for tips to be positioned inward for chest depth (subtract 20cm from the reading)


  • Chest depth (biliocristal)
  • Shoulder width (biacromial breadths)


  • Range: 60cm
  • Material: Anodized aluminum 
  • Resolution: 1mm 
  • Storage & Transport: Fitted cardboard box included 

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