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Head Square for Height / Armspan

Head Square for Height / Armspan

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Made from iodized aluminum, this two-piece screwable head piece can be quickly set to allow a 90-degree angle and aid in the measurement of height, seated height and arm span.

Holway equipment is top-of-the-line anodized aluminum anthropometry equipment designed by certified ISAK III instructor Francis Holway.  

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  • PRACTICAL SOLUTION for height & armspan measurements that requires minimal equipment.  All you need is an open wall, a wall tape measure, and some putty.  
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT compared to traditional height meters.  


  • Height 
  • Armspan (wingspan)


  • Material: Anodized aluminum 
  • Storage & Transport: Includes fitted cardboard box 
  • Weight (with box): 0.5 lbs (223 grams) 

Kit Options

Holway Level 2 Anthropometry Kit   (Big kit)

Optional kit

  • Wall Putty 
  • (2) Steel Wall Tape Measure Vertical / Horizontal (3m)